COMORTAS UIMHIR 5 –Leiriu Staitse (Stage Presentation)

  1. Leiriu Staitse which depicts a stage presentation with a theme based onan aspect of Irish life, culture or folklore.

It would be a dramaticpresentation in serious or comic form and clubs could include music, song or dance in the presentation. The quality of the music, song or dance would not be an issue in the adjudication.

Competitors are informed that the marking will be based on the theme and production rather than on the quality of any singing or music that is included.

  1. The production should not under any circumstances belittle our country or its people nor be derogatory or belittling to other nationalities.

Racism, sectarianism, sexual offensiveness, vulgarity (by actions or words) or any other behaviour deemed offensive shall disqualify.

Penalty: Disqualification.

Disqualification is initially the responsibility of the adjudicators but ultimately that of the relevant Organising Committee. Where an act that is clearly in breach of the above guidelines is allowed to progress to a higher stage the club/district/county or province responsible may be precluded from entering in the competition for a period of one year i.e. the following year.

  1. The act may be performed by groups of at least three (3) and not more than eight (8) people.
  2. Two non-participating mentors only, permitted side stage.
  1. Props:
  1. a) Hand held props only. Defined as an object carried on stage by hand by one performer.
  1. b) One item of electrical/battery operated equipment other

than the amplification provided shall be allowed.

  1. Each contribution must take not more than 10 minutes including setting-up and removal of props




  1. Time Penalty. Failure to comply with time period shall mean a penalty of one mark for the first ten seconds (or part thereof) over time, with an additional mark per five seconds (or part thereof) thereafter.
  1. Props Penalty. 20 marks deduction for breach of Rule regarding Hand held and Electrical props.
  1. In Scor na nOg competitions the representation of drunkenness on stage shall not be permitted.




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