East Kerry GAA Match Results and Reports are to be sent to The East Kerry Board PRO


Match results to be sent to East Kerry PRO using the Sportsmanager system or, if there is a difficulty with Sportamangager by texting the final score to the East Kerry PRO (087-3381843)

The following is a short run down on the Sportsmanager system & how to send in results using the Sportsmanager system which the East Kerry Board use for receiving match results and having them up on the web site immediately.

These instructions are based on the PRO being the club contact. In the event that the club contact is another Officer of the Board (eg Club Secretary), read that Officer where PRO is mentioned.

Please note: The East Kerry Board has continued with the system that the PRO of the home club sends in the final scores for matches to Sportsmanager.

These notes include an example of what the Sportsmanager programme will send to the home club PRO and how to reply to the text.

In this example, Team A is at home to Team B. So it falls to the Team A PRO to send in the match result.

1.About 5 minutes before throw in, the Team A PRO will get a Text Message in the following format:

ID123456, Team A, g p,
Team B, g p,
14:00, 09/02/2013

2. The Team A PRO should save the Number of Sportsmanager in his/her Contacts. The number is +353879911692

3. The Team A PRO should also save or otherwise keep the message from Sportsmanager as he/she will need it at the end of the game to return the result. Say that the Final score is Team A 1-12 Team B 2-9

4. At the end of the game, the result should be put into the Sportsmanager text as follows — Team A PRO edits the Sportsmanager text by putting in the score as follows;

ID123456, Team A, 1g 12p,
Team B, 2g 9p,
14:00, 09/02/2013

5. Send the edited text which contains the score to Sportsmanager at +353879911692. If Sportsmanager don’t get the match final scores within half an hour of the end of the game, they send a reminder text to the PRO.The final score should be sent to Sportsmanager immediately after the game, and no longer than 1 hour after the end of the game. Sportsmanager puts the results received up on the East Kerry web page.

6. If the Home Clubs PRO is not able to be at the game, s/he has 3 options:-

  1. Ask one of the team mentors to text him the result after the game and the PRO can then send the result text back to Sportsmanager or
  2. Forward the Sportsmanager text to a club Officer or trusted mentor, tell him how to fill it out and ask him to send the result text back to Sportsmanager or
  3. PRO should ask the club Officer or mentor to text the result to East Kerry PRO, who can update the score.

East Kerry PRO mobile number is 087-3381843

An outstanding result i.e. one not received within an hour of the end of the game, is a fining offence.


A match report, covering both teams and both teams scorers should be sent, by the home PRO, by e mail, to the East Kerry Board PRO ASAP, and no later than 8pm on the Sunday after the game.

at pro.east.kerry@gaa.ie



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