East Region Under 14 LEAGUE REGULATIONS 2015

1. Under 14 League to comprise of three sections 1, 2 and 5

  • Division 1 Top team earns a home venue for final;
  • Division 1 second placed team will have a home venue semi final V third place team, after league phase
  • Division 2 divided into 2 groups – Division 2A & 2B.
  • Division 2 Final – between top teams who top 2A V 2B
  • Division 3 Final – between runners up in 2A V 2B
  • Division 4 Final – between third teams in 2A V 2B
  • Division 2, 3 and 4 finals will take place at a neutral venue
  • Division 5 – Top team after the group phase will go straight to a Home Venue Final
  • Division 5 – Second placed(Home venue) V third placed will play in a semi final

The Following rules apply

  1. The Board will appoint Referees
  2. Any changes to fixtures must be agreed by both clubs and a new fixture created before contacting the Board
  3. Any back games must be picked up before the last round
  4. In the event of teams finishing level on league points, the result of the game between sides will determine progress.
  5. Home team is responsible for the referees expenses
  6. All results must be forwarded to Mary Donnelly 087-647 1898 immediately after the game by the HOME team. Failure to do so will result in a fine
  7. The B teams can only play players from outside their Named first 15
  8. In Division 5 – 13 a side can be played only if a team has less than 16 players togged off.
  9. Any team that doesn’t full fill all their games, will not be allowed to the knockout stages
  10. Extra time of 10 minutes per half, will be played in all knockout games, if necessary
  11. Venues for Round 3 games were decided be toss of a coin at the Delegates meeting on the 25th May 2015


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