The East Kerry GAA Committee organises Scor competitions (East Kerry Scor Finals), annually, at three levels/grades, sponsored by Killarney Credit Union. The three categories/grades are Senior (Scor Sinsear), Juvenile (Scor na nOg for youths up to 17 years old) and for Primary School Children (Scor na bPaisti). The competitions are run under rules laid down at National level.

The winners of the East Kerry District competitions go forward and represent their club and the East Kerry Board at the County competitions, and, where relevant, at Provincial and National level.

Competitions are organised by the Committee at the three levels/grades under 7 different categories – Rince Foirne, Amhranaiocht Aonair, Aithriseoireacht, Ceol Uirlise, Leiriu, Bailead Ghrupa, Rince Seit. Competitions are run off in that order. A new category, Sean Nos dancing, was introduced, on a trial basis, in 2015, for Scor na bPaisti. The East Kerry Committee Scor Officer organises these competitions, with the assistance of the clubs and Board Officers, on behalf of the Committee.

Clubs in the East Kerry District can participate in East Kerry Scor competitions with an entry in just one category and up to a maximum entry per club of one team under each of the categories.

Four trophy’s are presented annually – The East Kerry Committee Perpetual Cup to the Best Overall Club in Scor Sinsear; Scaith an Phiarsaigh to the Best Overall Club in Scor na nOg; Kathleen O’Mahoney Perpetual Trophy to the Best Overall Club in Scor na bPaisti; The Healy O’Connor Shield to the club with the most entries. The latter was introduced in 2015 in order to encourage participation, the winner being the club which had the most entries when totalled across all 3 East Kerry Scor competitions.

Of the 13 clubs in the East Kerry Committee District, 10 compete in the East Kerry Scor competitions at Scor na nOg and Scor na bPaisti level, as Cordal, Scartaglen and Currow compete with the Castleisland District Board in the two juvenile Scor competitions (Scor na nOg and Scor na bPaisti). All 13 of the clubs in the East Kerry Divisional Committee area compete in the East Kerry Scor Sinsear competitions.


The year starts for Scor in East Kerry in the Autumn and runs into the following Spring, usually until March, with the three levels of competition being run off one at a time, during these months. Scor na nOg starts the East Kerry Scor year, usually in November, Scor Sinsear follows, usually in February and Scor na bPaisti completes the Boards programme of competitions for the season, usually in March.

Planning for the Scor year usually commences in early September when the East Kerry Scor Officer meets the club Scor Officers from clubs in the District. This is an important meeting for the Scor Officers

  • information is circulated at the meeting regarding all three Scor competitions
  • it affords the club officers an opportunity for discussion
    • on the order of participation for all three Scor competitions,
    • the venue’s,
    • prizes,
    • Bean/Fear an Ti and
    • any other concerns.
    • rule changes, if any, are also discussed
    • It is crucial for all clubs to be fully informed and up to date on all matters
    • changes often impact on what should and should not form part of a performers actions and activities
    • and
    • what items are important in the judging of the competitions.
    • It is vital that this information is communicated to competitors, who put a huge effort and enormous levels of practice into their pieces, whether it be dancing, music, acting etc .
      The meeting with club Scor Officers also includes discussion and exchange of information.


The first competition organised by the Board each year is Scor na nOg, which is open to children under 17 years of age. The East Kerry Finals are usually on in November. The running order is Rince Foirne, Amhranaiocht Aonair, Aithriseoireacht, Ceol Uirlise, Leiriu, Bailead Ghrupa, Rince Seit.
One rule change that was brought in in recent years, was that the previous rule requiring clubs to enter the competition under a number of categories, to be admitted into the competition, it is now acceptable for a Club to enter only one item on the programme.
There is no competition at district level in the Quiz (Tra na gCeist) or question time. This competition is now run by the County Board, and usually takes place on a different night.
All winners of East Kerry Scor na nOg competitions go onto a County Semi Final, progressing on to County Final. The winners of the County final represent the county at the Munster Semi Final, which progress to Munster Final and then All Ireland Final.


The second East Kerry Scor competition of the season is Senior Scor/Scor Sinsear. The East Kerry Boards Final usually takes place in February. All Categories are the same as those for Scor na nOg, ie Rince Foirne, Amhranaiocht Aonair, Aithriseoireacht, Ceol Uirlise, Leiriu, Bailead Ghrupa, Rince Seit.
The East Kerry Board Scor Sinsear title winners progress on to a County Final. The winners of the County Final then represent the County at Provincial level ie Munster. Each year, one county gets a bye to the Munster final and the remaining counties compete in the Munster semi finals. Those placed first and second in the Munster semi finals go on to compete in the Munster finals. Provincial winners go forward to the All Ireland Finals.


The last East Kerry Board Scor competition of the season is Scor na bPaisti. This is for children of primary school age. The East Kerry Final takes place in March. The categories and their running order are the same as above, ie Rince Foirne, Amhranaiocht Aonair, Aithriseoireacht, Ceol Uirlise, Leiriu, Bailead Ghrupa, Rince Seit. In the 2014/2015 season an additional category was created on a trial basis. This was for Sean Nos dancing which was added into the programme after the Leiriu.
The winners of the East Kerry Scor na bPaisti progress on to the County Semi Final and the winners of the county semi finals compete in the County Final.

The Quiz (Tra na gCeist) or Question time, competition is run off at district level progressing straight to the County final.

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