Dylan Crowley U11 Invitational Tournament

Dylan Crowley Under 11 Invitational Tournament

Date: Saturday July 9th

Venue: Gneeveguilla GAA Field

Time: 10am

Teams involved:

  • Gneeveguilla
  • Rathmore
  • Scartaglin
  • Glenflesk
  • Kilcummin
  • Killarney Legion
  • Dromtariffe
  • Firies
  • Currow
  • Kilgarvin


  • 2 Groups of 5 teams
  • Winners of Group A and B play in the Division 1 Final
  • Runners Up of Group A and B play in the Division 2 Final
  • Third placed teams of Group A and B play in the Division 3 Final
  • In the group games, 2 points will be awarded for a win, 1 point for a draw
  • If two teams finish level on points from the same group and are fighting for a place in the finals of Division 1, 2 or 3 the team who advances will be decided upon based on the result of the game in which the two teams have already played
  • All other placings will be decided upon by playing 5 minutes of extra time straight
  • If level at the end of normal time in the finals, extra time will be played with the winner to be decided by golden score.
  • All games to be played over the course of one day.



Field 1

10am: G/guilla V Scartaglen

Field 2

Killarney Legion V Firies

Field 3

Kilgarvin V Kilcummin

10.30am: Rathmore V Glenflesk Scartaglen V Kilcummin
11am: G/guilla V Dromtariffe Currow V Firies Glenflesk V Killarney Legion
11.30am: Dtariffe V Kcummin Scartaglen V Kilgarvin Killarney Legion V Rathmore
12pm-12.14pm: BREAK




12.15pm: Dromatriffe V Kilgarvin Currow V Glenflesk
12.45pm: Rathmore V Currow Kilcummin V Gneeveguilla Glenflesk V Firies
1.15pm: Gneeveguilla V Kilgarvin Rathmore V Firies
1.45pm: Scartaglen V Dromatriffe Killarney Legion V Currow

All finals to be played at approximately 2.45pm.


  • 11 a side
  • Maximum panel of 18 players per team
  • 10 minutes per half for all games
  • No penalties
  • One hop, one solo
  • Unlimited subs
  • Game times must be strictly followed
  • All decisions made by committee are final

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