The website opened to take bookings for the Kerry G.A.A. Cul Camps on Thursday 13th May at 6pm (see website address below)


If you wish you can inform Club members, the date and time when booking is going to open.  

I would ask clubs not to post any details on social media of when booking is going to open.  If clubs are sending information to club members, I would suggest using your own internal club communication method (whatsapp, email, text).  This is to help to ensure that club members get first call on booking places.  

The numbers attending Cul Camp Venues this year will be capped similar to how the camps worked in 2020. 

Just a few points for parents to note about Cul Camps this year:

-the gear that the children receive is the same this year as they received in 2020 

– With the likelihood that there will be no access to indoor facilities this summer, camp days may be shortened or called off due to inclement weather. 

Thanks very much for your assistance. 

Donal Daly, 

Kerry G.A.A 

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