East Kerry Junior League to comprise of 7 teams

  1. Top four teams go into Semi finals of Division 1 with 1st and 2nd getting home advantage.
  2. 5th Place go into Division 2 Final with 6th and 7th contesting the Semi Final with 6th place getting home advantage.
  3. Teams finishing level on point: the Team that wins the corresponding match decides league placing.

The Following players are not eligible to play in the Junior League

  1. Players on the 1stFifteen of its clubs last ODonoghue Cup game of the previous years
  2. Players on the 1stFifteen submitted for the current year and sanctioned
  3. Players on the 1stFifteen in the Senior County Championship of the previous year

East Kerry Committee Procedures


The onus is on the club seeking the change to contact, by phone, the opposition, club Chairperson or Secretary. Emails or text messages are not acceptable.

Contacting the East Kerry Board seeking the change is not sufficient; the club must make contact with the opposition before the deadline and agree a proposed alternative fixture with them. The club must then contact the Board with the proposed change.

The proposed change must be cleared by the East Kerry C.C.C. Chairman or Secretary

If the proposed change is agreed by the East Kerry CCC Chairman or Secretary, the club seeking to changethe fixture must then notify the Opposition of the agreement and also notify the Referees, Committee Chairperson, the Referee and the Committee P.R.O.

Failure to adhere to above will mean opposition are under no compulsion to change.

Before changing anyCountyFixture (i.e. changing game from weekend scheduled on Fixtures Calendar to alternative weekend) all Parties are to consult their District Board CCC, with the proposed change, to ensure that it does not clash with a District board fixture.

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